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Should I Get a Second Opinion About My Dental Care?

March 29, 2023 11:10 pm

At Toland Dental, our team provides honest dental care that puts the patient’s needs first. We strive to avoid recommending more treatment than is beneficial for our valued patients.

If you’re ever in doubt about a diagnosis or recommendation from a different provider about what kind of dental work you need, please contact us for a consultation so we can give you a second opinion.

Your Needs Come First

You may feel bad about hurting your current dentist’s feelings by seeking a second opinion instead of immediately getting the treatment they recommend. Let these feelings go! While we hope you are seeing a dentist you feel that you can trust, every clinician has a different style and philosophy when it comes to providing treatment. You shouldn’t feel bad about seeking out more information that could result in a more beneficial approach for your unique situation.

Second opinions are quite common in healthcare. Your dental practitioner should understand if you want to learn more before committing to a potential treatment, especially if it is costly and/or invasive.

Differences in Clinical Experience & Recommendations

Healthcare providers give recommendations based on their own clinical experience and knowledge. Some providers are more conservative and holistic, and others are more aggressive with invasive treatment. For example, one dentist may recommend a filling for an area of early-stage tooth decay, while another dentist may recommend improving your oral hygiene and diet and waiting to see if the area remineralizes itself. Depending on whether or not you have dental insurance and what your budget is like, this difference in treatment style can make a significant impact.

If you find a dentist that you are routinely uncomfortable with how much or how little they recommend when it comes to treatment, find a different provider. Maybe you feel pressured and unheard, or you worry the dentist isn’t looking closely enough. A second opinion could reveal that there’s actually an issue that might’ve otherwise worsened and gone untreated.

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If you’re looking for a dentist to provide a second opinion, contact Toland Dental today. Our team would be happy to be a second pair of eyes to your situation so you can get some peace of mind. We offer comprehensive dentistry and a variety of payment options.

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