Oral Cancer Screenings
in Wynne, AR

When oral cancer symptoms are detected and treated in the early stages, the chance of recovering is positively impacted. Oral cancer screenings at Toland Dental play a vital role in protecting your oral and overall health. To learn more about oral cancer and to schedule your own screening for oral cancer in Wynne, AR, please contact our office.

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When is an oral cancer screening recommended?

Dr. Toland and our Wynne dental team recommend scheduling an oral cancer screening if you use tobacco, regularly drink alcohol, spend a lot of time outside, or have had oral cancer in the past. These lifestyle habits can contribute to oral cancer development. Though these habits contribute to oral cancer, oral cancer screenings with symptoms like mouth sores or not are also recommended for adults once a year.

oral cancer screening in progress

What happens during an oral cancer screening?

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Toland and our team will take the time to thoroughly examine your oral cavity internally and externally for signs of cancer. This screening typically involves carefully examining the gums, cheek lining, lips, and throat for unusual growths or mouth blisters. We may use our hands or dental tools to gently feel for mouth bumps or bumps beneath your jaw and tonsils. If our team discovers an area of concern, we may take a biopsy and schedule a follow-up appointment to determine the next necessary steps.

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How do I know if I have oral cancer?

While screenings are the only way to confirm if you have mouth cancer, there are common symptoms that may develop over time to cause alarm. Symptoms of oral cancer include mouth sores, bleeding gums, chronic sore throat, discolored patches in the mouth, and unexplained loss of feeling in the face, neck, or mouth. If you are experiencing any symptoms of mouth cancer, please schedule an appointment with our office for an oral cancer screening and oral cancer therapy.

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