Dental Fillings
in Wynne, AR

It can be tempting to put off fixing a cavity. But whether you’re busy or become nervous thinking about visiting the dentist, getting a dental filling to restore a decayed tooth is essential for preserving your oral health. If you suspect you have a cavity, contact Toland Dental right away for an appointment for dental fillings in Wynne, AR. We provide compositing fillings and amalgam fillings to restore your smile!

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Are dental fillings painful?

Composite fillings and other types of dental fillings are a common restorative dentistry treatment. During dental filling treatment, Dr. Toland will remove the decay from your tooth and replace it with filling material like composite or amalgam. However, before Dr. Toland removes the decay, local anesthesia is used to minimize pain. If local anesthesia isn’t enough, sedation dentistry may be an option. Any discomfort from tooth decay treatment tends to be temporary and will go away within a few days.

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What are signs I may need a dental filling?

Despite the common myth that all cavities hurt, most cavities don’t hurt until they reach the nerve. In most cases, the first sign you need to start thinking about a dental filling near you may be a toothache. Toothaches usually indicate a deep cavity. Other signs you may need a dental filling include experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks or seeing holes and pits in your teeth.

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What are the ways to treat tooth decay?

Regular dental visits are essential in spotting signs of tooth decay before they worsen. If tooth decay becomes too extensive, tooth decay treatment may result in more than just amalgam or composite fillings. If a dental filling isn’t the best fit to treat tooth decay, you can be relieved knowing our office has plenty of restorative dentistry services that can help you enjoy your smile again.

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