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Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: Making the Right Choice for You

November 30, 2023 9:00 am

The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and indulging in your favorite treats. But if you’re dealing with a severe toothache, it can quickly turn into a season of discomfort and dread. When faced with a painful tooth problem, two options are root canal treatment and tooth extraction. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between a root canal and extraction to help you make the right choice for a painless holiday season.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a dental procedure designed to save a severely infected or damaged tooth. The procedure involves removing infected or damaged pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning the space, and then sealing it.

The primary advantage of a root canal is that it preserves your natural tooth. You won’t have a gap in your smile, and you can continue to use the tooth with its natural function.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a problematic tooth. This often happens when a root canal may not be enough to save the natural tooth. A tooth extraction provides immediate relief from pain, making it a tempting option for those in severe discomfort.

After the extraction, you will need to consider options for replacing the missing tooth, such as dental implants or bridges, as there will be an empty space in your mouth.

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction for the Holidays

When deciding between a root canal and tooth extraction, you’ll need the help of a professional like Dr. Toland. However, you can start to consider factors like:

  • The severity of damage
  • Your long-term oral health
  • The appearance of your smile

Restore Your Smile at Toland Dental

If you want a painless holiday season, it’s essential to seek professional dental care in Wynne, AR. At Toland Dental, we can help you decide between a root canal or extraction and provide sedation dentistry to ease the procedure. You deserve to enjoy the festivities without the pain! Contact us today!

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