Illustration of an infected tooth receiving root canal therapy to save it from extraction

What to Expect with Root Canal Therapy

September 30, 2022 6:53 pm

A broken crown, severe decay, or atooth infection are a few reasons you may need a root canal treatment. Root canal therapy is an effective way to treat an infected or inflamed tooth pulp. Damage to the tooth’s pulp, or innermost layer, can occur due to trauma or disease. During a root canal treatment, the infected tissue is removed through a small opening made with special tools. The tooth is then cleaned out, sealed, and protected by a dental crown or restorative material.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Do you shiver at the thought of a root canal? We hope to help you worry less about this procedure! Modern anesthesia makes endodontic treatment virtually painless. Because you’ll be numb during this restorative treatment, you will likely only feel slight pressure as your dentist repairs your tooth and treats any infection. This will remove the source of your pain and preserve your natural tooth. Keeping your natural teeth allows for efficient chewing, a normal bite sensation, natural appearance, and protection of your jawbone strength.

How to Prepare for a Root Canal Procedure

If you have yet to make an appointment to determine if your tooth pain requires a root canal, here are tips on how you can prepare for your consultation and procedure:

  • Ask questions
  • Discuss sedation options
  • Arrange for a ride home
  • Rest & relax after your procedure

Root Canal Recovery

During your consultation and after root canal therapy, a knowledgeable member of our Toland Dental team will provide post-op information to help you reduce potential complications and manage any pain and swelling. Expect to feel soreness and discomfort the first few days after the procedure. But following our team’s root canal recovery instructions can make the healing process as comfortable as possible!

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